Exports of shipbuilding, maritime and logistics, renewable energy, automation and ICT from Central Baltic to the Southern African markets using Namibia as a stable entry point


Workshop 13.6: SMEs on their way to business in Southern Africa – business cases & lessons learned

Welcome to the SME Aisle workshop! 

Time: Thursday 13th of June from 13.30-15.30 at SAMK Campus Pori, Finland (also online). The workshop is organized simultaneously with the Match Industry 2019 event.

The workshop concentrates on the delegation trip in April 2019 to Namibia, South Africa and Zambia. We present some interesting and successful business cases of SMEs from Finland, Sweden, Latvia and Estonia in Southern African markets so far. We also discuss about lessons learned and the upcoming events of the project.

Thank you for taking part in our delegation!

Where? Namibia, South Africa & Zambia.
When? 1st to 13th of April 2019.
Who? SME Aisle team and 31 Central Baltic SMEs from Finland, Sweden, Latvia and Estonia.

Take a look of the program and events our SME Aisle team organized and check photos from our social media accounts!


Business in Southern African markets

An impossible market with many challenges and only little returns if any? Not quite right!

The Southern African Development Community (SADC) area offers various business opportunities for growing Central Baltic companies working in the maritime cluster. And these markets do also offer returns to persistent and optimistic SMEs.

Read the blog post from Centrum Balticum website.


The growing Southern African market offers opportunities for Central Baltic SMEs

The project SME Aisle conducted a business trip to Namibia in September and October 2018. Altogether 16 SMEs from Finland, Latvia, Estonia and Sweden took part in the trip. The SMEs represented different areas such as ICT, renewable energy, shipbuilding and automation.

Read the news about the past trip in English and in Finnish.


Doing business in SADC region

Want to know more about Southern African Development Community’s (SADC) markets? Check our new publication (open access) about business environment in Namibia, South Africa, Angola, Mozambique, Botswana and Zambia. Themes are maritime and ports, ICT, automation, renewable energy and machinery.



1 731 850,31 EUR (ERDF: 1 358 178,06 EUR)

SAMK: 578 802,33 EUR (ERDF: 422 525,70 EUR)

Our objective in SME Aisle project is to support Central Baltic maritime clusters’ SMEs with an ambition and potential to enter into new markets in Southern Africa using Namibia as stable entry point. SME Aisle focus on companies from Central Baltic area i.e. Finland (incl. Åland), Estonia, Latvia and Sweden. Themes are shipbuilding, maritime, renewable energy, automation and ICT.


What is SME Aisle?

Presentation about the project SME Aisle and its partners. Check the slideshow (click to open the presentation as pdf).

Doing business with SME Aisle companies

Take a look of our new video publication!

Business opportunities in Southern African markets


Workshop Webinar on Business opportunities in Southern African markets 15.2.2019.

Southern African market as an opportunity for maritime cluster. Workshop 13.6.2018.

Doing Business in Namibia: Gateway to SADC. Workshop 13.6.2018.


Presentations from workshop in Riga, Latvia 29.11.2019 (also for the workshop in Stockholm 23.1.2019). Click to open presentations.


Project partners:


The Sustainable Development Goals are an important part of business activities in developing countries and also important for #SMEAisle! In Helsinki we learned more about #sdg based business logic at the Growth through SDGs workshop. #smarturbanbusiness #centralbaltic #mysamk

Welcome to our workshop “SMEs on their way to business in Southern Africa: business cases and lessons learned”!

Time: 3.6.2019 from 13.30-15.30 (also online) at the #MatchIndustry 2019 event. Registrations: https://t.co/VyNn9GeBhZ

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