in Rauma, Finland


The town of Rauma is in western Finland’s Satakunta region by the Sea of Bothnia. The town was founded in 1442, making it the fourth oldest town in the country. Nowadays, there are 40 000 people living in Rauma.

Rauma is known for its sea and forest industry, colourful regional dialect, long tradition in bobbin lace-making and the wooden buildings in Old Rauma. Old Rauma if one of the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. It is the largest unified wooden town in the Nordic countries: there are 600 colourful buildings inhabited by 700 people.

More information: https://www.visitrauma.fi/

PortMate ports in Rauma

There are five PortMate small ports in Rauma, Finland: Kylmäpihlaja and Kuuskajaskari in the Rauma archipelago, and Poroholma, Syväraumanlahti and Petäjäs on the mainland.

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61°08,7’N, 021°18,2’E


61°08,2’N, 021°22,0’E


61°07,9’N, 021°27,4’E


61°08,2’N, 021°28,1’E


61°08,4’N, 021°28,4’E

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In the archipelago of Rauma, right by the open sea, there is a lighthouse island called Kylmäpihlaja. It is about 5 nautical miles from the mainland, which makes it the outermost island of the Rauma archipelago.

Approaching the port

It is possible to approach the island from southwest and southeast. The fairway from open sea (southwest) is about 4.5 metres deep, and from mainland (southeast) about 1.5 metres deep. The dock basin is sheltered by a breakwater. There are about 20 berth places, of which some with mooring to a buoy and some alongside the pier. Staying at Kylmäpihlaja for the day is free of charge for boaters. 

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Once the lighthouse worked as a pilot station, but nowadays it is a popular tourist attraction. The lighthouse has been renovated to serve the tourists by providing hotel, restaurant, café, conference and sauna services. There is also a chapel by the lighthouse.

The tower of the lighthouse is 36 metres above sea level: the view from the observation deck to the Baltic Sea is breathtaking. The lighthouse is open for visitors in the summertime when it is also possible to reach the island by waterbus.

There are two allocated areas for campfires and two smoke ovens for visitors. During the PortMate project the resource efficient services are being improved.

More information: www.kylmapihlaja.com

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